"I believe that each and every student benefits from private music lessons. At the most basic level, private lessons allow students to have a one-on-one relationship with an adult outside of the formalities of a classroom setting. It is important to me that my students understand that flute lessons are a safe space in a world spinning faster by the day. I teach students to engage and question, and I encourage self-discovery. In lessons, we have fun, we learn, we make music. Oh, and we learn how to play the flute too!"

Tori Lupinek’s warm, enveloping sound and personality have made their way south to Houston by way of Alaska and Chicagoland. In her aim to be a versatile musician, Tori has found herself in university-level teaching positions, backstage as a production assistant, buried in music as a librarian, and as president of music student social groups. Her performances vary from symphony orchestras and wind bands, to new music ensembles and woodwind quintets. As a musician, Tori believes that “classical” music is for everyone and has the capacity to work wonders on open hearts. In flute lessons, she uses music as a conduit to instill deeper intellectual awareness in her students. Tori takes a fundamentally human approach to every aspect of her varied career as a musician by appealing to the individual, and allowing beauty to grow from there.

“I enjoy taking flute lessons from Ms. Lupinek! She is very patient and always gives me feedback in an effort to help me grow. If I am struggling with my music, I know I can always ask her for help, and she works through it with me. I know taking lessons from Ms. Lupinek has helped me become a better flutist!”~Ayden, junior high region orchestra flutist